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Survey & Installation

Safe Gard's team of skilled assessors are qualified to carry out a professional and comprehensive glass identification report of your glazing.

This indemnified report will then provide the information required to upgrade the appropriate glazing to ensure compliance with safety guidelines laid down to Regulation 14.

Safe Gard sales personnel can then talk with you through the problems, jointly agree the action required and recommend the best quality suited film or combination of films to meet your individual needs.

Our quality film range has been developed from a unique stress analysis programme to verify that the film and glass can be combined in a safe application.

Installation is by our own fully trained professional operatives and is quick, clean and non - disruptive Our operatives are regularly trained and updated on new film as it is released on the market. We guarantee the quality of our installations and offer the most comprehensive back up and support services. Our market specialisation ensure that we always observe full Health and Safety Plan requirements in accordance with the CDM Regulations.

Is your existing film up to scratch?

You may be concerned about the age and condition of your window film and want to make sure that you are conforming with current legal requirements.Equally, will it still do it's job in the event for example of an accident or an explosion ?.

Safe Gard Europe offers a comprehensive survey check on existing installations and carry out tests to assess the quality of your window film installation.Our report will confirm whether or not your existing window film meets current safety guidelines and will recommend where, if necessary, any improvements should be made.

10 Year Guarantee

Safe Gard offer a factory backed limited 10 year warranty on every installation. We endorse our range with a formal statement which confirms that the window film has a working life expectancy in excess of 15 years.

Safe Gard is committed to continuous improvement in both the products and the services provided. Ongoing quality standards are in place to ensure that the most advanced products at the most competitive prices are made available to the customer at all times.

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