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Safety & Security Film

Glass is vulnerable to attack whether deliberate or an unintentional accident. It is a potential killer and can often cause serious and sometimes permanent injury.

It is invariably the weak point of any building under attack from unwelcome visitors e.g. vandals or burglars and is particularly dangerous in the event of a bomb attack or even extreme weather conditions such as storms.

You read most days about a child playing and falling near a glass door, or of an elderly shopper slipping on the ice and falling against a plate glass window - occasionally with serious consequences. Every day accidents that the effect of glass can turn into a disaster.

Safe Gard safety and security window films are the solution to combat the everyday risk of accidents to employees and the general public and for peace of mind in the event of being near a terrorist bomb blast.

Designed and tested to British Standards to hold glass in place, Safe Gard products all carry the BS6206 British Standard for safety glazing. This standard encompasses A, B and C specifying the break-safe performance of the glass. Safe Gard films are available to meet each of these classes.

In the event of a violent attack, bomb blast or everyday accident, windows fitted with Safe Gard safety and security film might crack or shatter, depending on the force of the impact, but will hold in place.

Companies who specify Safe Gard safety and security film can promote themselves as a company that cares for employees. Safe Gard safety films provide the ultimate protection against potentially horrific or even fatal injuries to personnel or visitors and can reduce the damage to the fabric and fittings of buildings resulting from the impact of shattered glass following a bomb blast.

Most importantly, Safe Gard safety films upgrade existing glazing to comply with current legal and other statutory requirements such as:

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